Women in Music 2016

The Full Miley: See Cyrus Get Extremely Naked in NSFW Paper Mag Pics

Miley Cyrus' breasts are not exactly a secret to the world: She's been posting topless pics to social media with a vengeance for a few years now. But seriously, you've never seen Miley Cyrus this naked before.

Yesterday (June 8) Paper Mag shared its cover, which featured the animal-loving pop star covered in mud, hugging her pet pig Bubba.

Today, we get a look at what's inside the magazine -- which just happens to be the Full Miley. It's all for a good cause -- to draw attention to her homeless teen charity Happy Hippie Foundation. Well, consider the attention drawn, painted over and framed. 

There's Miley freeing the nipple covered in mud, there's Miley freeing everything covered in body paint, and there's plenty of weird, psychedelic imagery. Check out a few pics below (NSFW, duh) and the whole Cyrus Circus at Paper Mag.