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McDonaldCapitol this week unveils a new John Lennon compilation of acoustic recordings and an expanded, remixed and remastered version of his 1975 covers album, "Rock'n'Roll."

The 17-track "Acoustic" collects favorites from the former Beatle's solo career, including "Working Class Hero" and "Watching the Wheels," as well as live acoustic renditions of the "Sometime in New York" songs "Luck of the Irish" and "John Sinclair," and his peace anthem "Imagine." Seven of the acoustic cuts are officially released here for the first time: "Well Well Well," "God," "My Mummy's Dead," "Cold Turkey," "What You Got," "Dear Yoko" and "Real Love."

"Rock'n'Roll," Lennon's homage to the artists and songs that inspired him as a teenager, emerges with four bonus tracks. Added are the same versions of Rosalie Hamlin's "Angel Baby" and Phil Spector's "To Know Her Is To Love Her" that were included on the posthumous 1986 Lennon release "Menlove Avenue." Although that collection also included Lennon's run through "Since My Baby Left Me," an alternate version appears here.

Rounding out the new inclusions is a reprise of Lloyd Price's "Just Because," which boasts a different ending than the original "Rock'n'Roll" version, in the form of a Christmas message to his former bandmates Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, Ono and the people of Great Britain.