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Jon Hamm Envisions Sally Draper Dating Kurt Cobain in 'Mad Men' Spin-Off

Michael Yarish/AMC 
Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper on Mad Men. 

Unlike some grieving Mad Men fans looking for a glimmer of solace after the show's end, Jon Hamm is not gunning for a spin-off series along the lines of Better Call Saul.

But if you twisted his arm, put a gun to his head and forced him to create a Mad Men spin-off, he's got a pretty great idea.

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"We would want to watch Sally grow up," Hamm told Entertainment Weekly of his onscreen daughter, played by Kiernan Shipka. "Move through the ’70s and turn into a rock star and turn into Joan Jett or something. Ride a motorcycle and kill a guy. Make a bunch of money and then become Oliver Stone in the '80s. Date Kurt Cobain in the '90s. She’s just a touchstone for every generation. Yeah, I’d watch that show. Sally Through the Decades.”

As always, Jon Hamm is as hilarious as Don Draper is drunk.