Women in Music 2016

Song Premiere: Youth Worship, New Scuzz-Fuzz Guitar Project from the Ashes of Asobi Seksu, Bring 'Eternal Scene'

On "Eternal Scene," Youth Worship, on the verge of its first full-length (to be self-released on June 30), taps directly into the primal, live-as-lightning thump and churn of the post-punk '90s, the song meant as a "semi-ode to Sonic Youth and Mudhoney," James Hanna tells Billboard.

The new, attack-driven project is a sharp left turn from Asobi Seksu, which Hanna spent over ten years navigating. Youth Worship aims to writhe in some muck following his years spent in more rarefied airspace -- it's the sound of a person putting down a rose and picking up a shillelagh.

A three-chord riff, written by the band's drummer Larry Gorman (also of Asobi Seksu) -- with a special dash of chaos in the form of an extra guitar attack and blunt wails from Wata, of Japanese demigods Boris -- brings "Eternal Scene" from a thin headbanger into a crescendo of pig-squealing stomp.

It's not often that the world is treated to the base instincts of well-accomplished people; the result is, as always, the best version of our grimiest selves. (Oh, and Youth Worship wanted to make clear, in case it was thought they were vaguely churchy, that it "supports the dark arts and pledges undying allegiance to the shadow lord." If that doesn't sum it up for you, nothing will.)