2016: The Year in Charts

Watch San Antonio Spurs NBA Stars in Parody '80s Music Video

Patty Mills in Spuran Spuran's "Spurs!"

The San Antonio Spurs are the reigning NBA champions, they’re stacked with international talent and they’re coached by one of the greatest the game of basketball has seen. So why not send four teammates to appear in an odd-ball ‘80s parody music video.

With the playoffs just around the corner and another 50-plus-win season in the bag, the team has done just that.

The "debut" Spuran Spuran clip (it’s like Spurs meets Duran Duran, get it?!) is light on lyrics (“Spurs!”) but it should be a kick for the franchise's many fans.

In the "Spurs" video, athletic Aussie big Aron Baynes channels Ace Frehley up front with compatriot keyboardist Patty Mills, whose mask and makeup combo could scare youngsters. Last season’s Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is dressed in “civilians” behind the drumkit, mascot the Coyote also hits the keys while benchwarmer bassplayer Matt Bonner dons a wig that looks like it would smell of mothballs. Bonner produced, directed and edited the video. 

This is one game Tim Duncan sat out. 

Watch the clip below.