Best and Worst Singles of the Week: From Florence & The Machine to Jamey Johnson

Florence & The Machine
"What Kind Of Man"

Florence Welch usually fluctuates between indie-pop siren and art-rock weirdo, but on this head-spinning ambient-R&B single, she's both. "With one kiss, you inspired a fire of devotion," she sings, proving few singers do widescreen melodrama better. --Ryan Reed

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Jamey Johnson
"You Can"
Big Gassed Records

An upright bass strut morphs into big-band brassiness before nuggets of honky-tonk wisdom give way to a vaudevillian hook on "You Can," which precedes Jamey Johnson's new album. It's an unexpectedly frisky ping-pong of musical styles for a veteran trad-country singer-songwriter, and that's a good thing.--Jason Lipshutz

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Charlie Puth Featuring Meghan Trainor
"Marvin Gaye"

Charlie Puth plays a game of "spot the Marvin reference" on his debut single, repackaging lines from a number of soul classics in the not-so-subtly titled tune. Trainor lends Puth some of her doo-wop swagger, but the track seems more ­academic ­exercise than an attempt at ­seduction. --Elias Leight

Alabama Shakes Unleash Fresh Songs in New York

Alabama Shakes
"Don't Wanna Fight"
Ato Records

Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard makes raw pain feel sensual, and "Don't Wanna Fight" is their ­sauciest ­offering yet. "Why can't I catch my breath? I'm gonna work myself to death," she bellows over reverbed guitar, ­which evokes dusty, Daptone-school retro-funk rather than the band's usual Dixie rock. --Dan Hyman

This story originally appeared in the Feb. 28 issue of Billboard.