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Podcast Host Listens to 168 Straight Hours of Nickelback For Charity; Will He Survive?

Michael Muller

One hundred and sixty eight straight hours of Trapt might've been even tougher, but we gotta hand it to Jesse Carey for his determination and dedication to charity. The Relevant podcast host (the podcast is actually named "Relevant") is currently in the middle of a weeklong quest of listening to nothing but Nickelback to raise money for a charity that brings clean water to developing areas.

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Carey started Feb. 16 and has already surpassed his goal of $10,000, having raised over $18,000 by the morning of Feb. 18. That means over 600 people will get clean water! Five donors have pledged $500 or more! How much can he raise by the time the quest ends on Feb. 22? Check out the Nickelback Challenge's official website for details.
"It is the ultimate test of human endurance," Carey writes. "I'm willing to put my personal health at risk for the challenge. Obviously, exposure to such a large quantity of Nickelback is very dangerous."

Has he consulted any doctors? "Yes, several in fact. They have all said that such an endeavor could result in irreversible damage to my ears, brain, kidneys and soul."