Its A Trap!, 15 Megs Of Fame, Splendid

Tangled Web: A weekly column featuring intriguing online music-related issues & destinations. This Week: It’s a Trap!, 15 Megs of Fame and Splendid.

TRAP DOOR: It's a Trap! is a site dedicated to promoting Scandinavian music, focusing on indie guitar pop. Run by Albany, Calif., resident Avi Roig, It's a Trap! features reviews and music news as well as downloadable playlists and MP3s of artists hailing from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The site also functions as a record label, debuting in March 2004 with the release of the third, self-titled album by Swedish indie-rockers KVLR. IAT also released a compilation in November highlighting 17 "emerging artists" from throughout Scandinavia.

The label's latest endeavor is IAT.MP3, a sublabel imprint that will release music as free downloads, distributed via a Creative Commons music license. "Pigbone 3000," an EP by Bjorn Kleinhenz and Pete Thompson, is the first release under the imprint, and is currently available at the IAT site.

15 STEPS TO SUCCESS: 15 Megs Of Fame is a Web-based music promotion tool combining the "downloadable record label" concept with the "community ratings" model of sites like

Artists who sign up for the site are given space to upload song files and promote their music, while curious listeners are also urged to sign up and then given free reign to download songs by any of the artists in the community, which they can then score according to a number of metrics. Through the scoring/evaluation process, an artist can gain a foothold in the online community and a handful of fans, helping advance a nascent career.

JUST SPLENDID: Splendid is a prolific indie e-zine that posts nearly a dozen new album reviews each day, and the site also updates daily its Boombox section, in which RealAudio streams are provided from some of the site's "favorite new releases."

You can listen to the newest material on the main Boombox page, which lists the most recent 10 additions, or visit the hundreds-strong archive of streams.