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Brazilian Girls

Girls Around The World

GirlsThe Brazilian Girls' diverse, left-of-center sounds -- equal parts Latin, dance/electronic, dub, jazz and pop -- are at the center of the quartet's self-titled debut, released this week by Verve on its revived Forecast imprint.

The multicultural Brazilian Girls -- singer Sabina Sciubba, keyboardist Didi Gutman, bassist Jesse Murphy and drummer Aaron Johnston -- hail from Italy, Argentina and the United States. They befriended each other nearly two years ago at downtown New York club Nublu, and thus began their weekly Sunday-night live show at the venue, which continues when the band is in town.

Two months after forming, they recorded tracks like "Homme" and "Die Gedanken Sind Frei (Thoughts Are Free)," which appeared on the band's self-released EP and are included on "Brazilian Girls."

Sciubba says the songwriting is an absolute group activity and even likens it to making love. "If you make love with one person, it will affect your own love-making style," she says. "Some lovers bring out something better in you than others. It's the same with musicians -- each one of us affects the other. Hopefully, others will like our musical love-making."