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Death Grips Surprise Release 'Fashion Week' Instrumental Album - Is 'The Powers That B' Far Behind?

Tommy Jackson/Redferns via Getty Images
Stefan Burnett of Death Grips performs on stage on Day 1 of the ATP Weekender curated by TV On The Radio on May 10, 2013 in Camber, United Kingdom.

Three-and-a-half weeks after Death Grips dropped a modern-day scoreboard into the middle of a basketball court, the band has released Fashion Week, an instrumentals album and the group's best work this year.

Fashion Week, like pretty much the entirety of Death Grips' career, arrives as a surprise while the group preps (rather, sits) its supposed final record, The Powers That B. Amazon recently listed the record as having a Feb 10 release date. Harvest Records did not respond to a request for comment at press time.

The instrumental album, missing the maw of MC Ride but not his mind, is 14 tracks long. If you're mildly observant, you'll notice the songs spell out "JENNY DEATH WHEN," which we're not even going to attempt a reading of. The sound is classic Death Grips pummel, going from blast beats to the sounds of a humpback whale on methamphetamine -- though Fashion Week may be the most "accessible" music the group has put out in some time. That listenability is not because of MC Ride's absence -- though his flow is nothing if not disorienting, his fingerprints seem to be all over Fashion Week -- but because of a distinct, house-y lean against the poundage. Listen below.