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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about Darren Hayes, Madonna and Billboard's Top Comprehensive Albums chart.



I am a huge Darren Hayes fan. I know he has a new CD called "The Tension and the Spark." I am interested to know if his new album is going to do good here in the United States as it has in Australia. How come Darren isn't more "Pop!ular" here?

Thank you,

Erik King
Tampa, Fla.

Hi Erik,

Darren Hayes' new CD, "The Tension and the Spark" has yet to be released in the United States. However, it has been issued in Europe and Australia.

Right now, his label, Columbia, is promoting his single "Pop!ular" to dance clubs in America. It has been available commercially as a 12" vinyl maxi-single since November and includes four remixes by Wayne G., Johnny Budz, Guido Osorio and Peter Presta. This week, the title is at No. 5 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart.

The former singer for Savage Garden, Hayes' released his solo debut "Spin" in 2002. The album debuted and peaked at No. 35 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 116,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.


Hi Keith,

I am a huge Madonna fan and I saw her on tour back in June. I kept hearing about the tour DVD which is supposed to come out this spring but then all of a sudden I heard the news about it not being released. Is this true? Do you have any information of what happening with the DVD? Please tell me!

Thank You!

Majid Kazmi

Hi Majid,

Unfortunately, we're as much in the dark as you are. While there are plans to release a DVD of the Re-invention Tour, as well as a documentary, no release dates for either have been announced.

Furthermore, while there are many Internet rumors floating around with regards to release dates and such, Madonna's camp has yet to confirm any of them and no official news has been issued about either project in some time.


Dear Keith,

I just noticed that there's a Billboard chart called Top Comprehensive Albums. Can you tell me what it's all about? My best guess is that it lists sales of all albums in the United States, whether they are currently ranked inside The Billboard 200 or they're only eligible for Billboard's Top Pop Catalog Albums. Am I right? When was Top Comprehensive Albums first issued and how many positions does this new chart have?

Thanks a lot, your work is always appreciated. I love reading your column every week.

Rafael Elsing

Hi Rafael,

The Top Comprehensive Albums chart was introduced in 2003. The chart is similar to The Billboard 200, in that is tallies up the week's top-selling albums across all genres of music. However, it also includes catalog titles (those that are 2-years-old or older) and albums that are exclusive to one retailer.

The Top Comprehensive Albums chart is available to subscribers at and