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'Town' Haul

DovesU.K. rock outfit Doves descends on North America this week with its third Capitol album, "Some Cities." First single "Black & White Town" debuted two weeks ago at No. 6 on the U.K. singles tally. "Some Cities" is the follow-up to Doves' 2002 breakthrough, "The Last Broadcast," which has sold more than 109,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Vocalist/bassist Jimi Goodwin describes "Some Cities" simply as "a progression again from the previous two. It has urgency. It doesn't have as many highs and lows as the other two, perhaps. It needs to communicate. It needs to express itself and try to break out of being contained."

Beyond the Motown backbeat-driven "Black & White Town," other highlights include the soaring "Snowden" and the soulful rock of opener "Some Cities." Album closer "Ambition" was recorded in a rundown Benedectine monastery near Scotland's Loch Ness in a one-off, five-hour session.

"Once we got permission to go in, we frantically finished the lyrics until two or three in the morning," Goodwin muses of the track. "Something like this re-instills your faith in recording. It just came together with pure serendipity."