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50 Cent

Can't Hardly Wait

50Pre-release bootlegging forced Interscope to bring forward the release of rapper 50 Cent's new album, "The Massacre," five days from March 8 to March 3. The set has already spawned a pair of top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100: the new No. 1 "Candy Shop" featuring Olivia and "Disco Inferno," which is No. 6 this week.

Despite his tough guy persona, the rapper admits he felt the attendant pressure to produce a worthy follow-up to his 2003 debut, "Get Rich or Die Tryin,'" which has sold more than 7 million copies in the United States. "I can usually create a direction without the music and just start making songs," he recalls of going back into the studio. "This time I had no idea."

Closing himself in the studio for three days of non-stop recording yielded 11 songs -- and a return to form. "It only takes me 25-30 minutes to do a record when I'm in a zone," says the artist born Curtis Jackson. "After doing seven or eight songs I was confident in, I found myself back in a comfort zone. Once the pressure was off, I started having fun."

To help discourage bootlegging, "The Massacre" will also be available in a limited-edition version including a CD key that unlocks exclusive content, including a bonus track and a trailer for 50 Cent's upcoming video game, "Bullet Proof." Ten copies out of the 250,000-pressing will reward buyers as winners of the Ultimate G-Unit Soldier contest, with G-Unit clothing and footwear, Formula 50 Vitamin Water, a G Unit dog tag designed by Jacob the Jeweler and autographed photos of 50 Cent as prizes.