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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about Duran Duran, Faith Hill and more.



Can you tell me how Duran Duran's latest CD has sold? It seemed to be very hyped, but fell off the charts rather quickly. I also would like to see a comparison of the band's previous CDs' sales figures.

Thanks for your help,

David Matevia

Hello David,

Duran Duran's "Astronaut" was pretty well-publicized, and it did have a handsome debut. The Epic disc opened at No. 17 on The Billboard 200, shifting 54,000 units in the United States in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. To date, it has sold 217,000. It is the band's biggest selling studio album since 1993.

The album's first single "(Reach up for the) Sunrise" peaked at No. 89 on Billboard's Hot 100, No. 13 on the Adult Top 40 chart and No. 11 on the Modern AC list. The digital track for "Sunrise" has also sold 30,000 U.S. downloads.

The album's second single "What Happens Tomorrow" is moving up the Adult Top 40 and Modern AC charts, where it is No. 20 and 18, respectively.

Duran Duran is in the midst of a North American tour that wraps April 13 in New York. A European touring leg begins May 28 in Birmingham, England, and will close July 2 at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.



I am a big fan of Faith Hill and according to her official Web site, her next album is coming out soon. I was wondering when is "soon?"

Yours sincerely,


Hi Ronald,

Faith Hill is recording an album and it will be out before the end of the year, however, I don't have any more specifics such as the title or release date. will keep you posted as soon as something becomes official.

Hill's last album, "Cry," debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 and the Top Country Albums chart. It has sold 2.6 million in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan and spawned three top 30 Hot Country Singles & Tracks entries: "Cry" (No. 12), "When the Lights Go Down" (No. 26) and "You're Still Here" (No. 28).


Last week, I posted a question from a woman named Lindsay, who asked if I knew anything about a particular French dance song. She described the track as having a "techno/dance beat" and that it used the word "bebe" repeatedly throughout.

While it was assumed that it was a new or current French song, many "Ask Billboard" readers responded, suggesting that the single may be Jordy's "Dur Dur D'Etre Bebe" ("It's Tough to be a Baby!"). The song was a No. 58 hit on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1993, when Jordy was only 5 years-old.

We're not positive that this is the right answer Lindsay, but it may be a start in the right direction. Thanks to everyone who wrote in: Brian Brostek, Mark Blankenship, Ricardo Quinto, Mirsad Mujkanovic, Shawn Novatka, Steve Silva, Fernando Jerez, Toivo Lepp, Derryl Chapman and Preston Powers.