Home Of The Brave

BraveryWhile many have noted sonic similarities between breakthrough Island act the Killers and up-and-coming combo the Bravery, whose self-titled debut hits stores this week, the label is hoping there's room at radio and retail for more new bands with an electronic/rock edge.

"Popular music is opening up a bit in the U.S.," the band's Sam Endicott says. "Radio and music fans are embracing different sounds." Prior to signing with a label, the Bravery did it the old-fashioned way, Endicott notes. "We played lots of live shows in New York, gave out CDs of our tracks and put our tracks online," he says. "We wanted our music to be heard.

According to Endicott, radio stations like WFNX and BBC Radio 1 in the United Kingdom immediately began playing MP3s of the band's music. Then, labels started calling. The album has already debuted at No. 5 in the United Kingdom, while first single "An Honest Mistake" opened at No. 7. The band is in the midst of a North American co-headlining tour with Ash.