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Watch Azealia Banks Embody the '90s & the Future in 'Chasing Time' Video

Azealia Banks

After catching the music world by surprise and releasing Broke With Expensive Taste last week, Azealia Banks released the video for "Chasing Time" on Thursday (Nov. 13), a potent mixture of hip-hop, pop hooks and lean dance beats.

The video is at once a throwback and futuristic. Her ensembles call to mind three '90s acts: Missy Elliott (when Banks and her dancers wear trash-bag couture), Lil' Kim (in her famous nipple-pasty look at the 1999 VMAs) and TLC (in their "No Scrubs"-era revealing space suits). But some of the video's later looks -- including her black body paint and split-screen psychedelia -- are all new. Watch the video below.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Banks noted that she made "Chasing Time" as a hit to please her label. "It got to a point where they [Interscope] were like, 'Azealia, we get it, you're cool, but we've spent $2 million on this record, can you just give us one [hit]?'" she said. "So then I did 'Chasing Time,' and I was just like, 'You know, this isn't gonna work out.' It was like that awkward point in a relationship where you're forcing yourself to have sex because you're like, 'We live here, we're sleeping in bed, it's awkward if we don't.'"

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But "Chasing Time" isn't an awkward track. It moves deftly between genres and across tempos; it could be addressed to a man or her label -- or both. Banks and her dancers display an assortment of outfits in the minimal video, filmed in black and white. "Check my watch, I had the future in my pocket," Banks sings, "But I lost it when I gave it to you." She's working hard to take it back.