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Sinead O'Connor Needs a New Manager -- After Having an Affair With the Last One

Nicole Nodland
Sinead O'Connor photographed by Nicole Nodland on July 17, 2014 at Brunswick Studios in London. 

'Never, ever messing with someone else's fella again,' she writes in a blog post.

Sinead O'Connor is looking for a new manager, and she might want to consider sticking with someone who doesn't tickle her fancy.

The outspoken Irish singer, who released a new album, I'm Not Bossy, I'm Just the Boss in August on Nettwerk Records, revealed in an online post Tuesday that she parted ways with her most recent manager because they were carrying on an affair behind his girlfriend's back.

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"Shit day from hell," it begins. "Have had to leave my manager. Not that we didn't get on well, we got on too well, both fell equally in love. Had a month long affair, but he has a girlfriend, so naturally I gotta vanish. Extraordinarily sad and depressing, but there it is. Another manager bites the dust.

"So now I need to find a new manager and I haven't a f---ing clue where to start."

But instead of leaving it at that and going into the qualities she is looking for in a manager -- perhaps their duties and some information on her upcoming tour dates or promotional activities -- she expresses genuine remorse.

"Shoulda f---ing thought about that before I got involved with someone else's fella," she writes. "Been secretly f---ing miserable as a mother----er since the second it started. Wasn't at all proud of myself. Or him.

"Never, ever messing with someone else's fella again. Its [sic] the most disgusting thing a woman could possibly do to another woman. And it smacks of zero self-esteem. So, back to the therapist for Sinead," she concludes with humor. "For which unfairly, I may not invoice my parents."

O'Connor revealed to Oprah Winfrey in 2007 that she has bipolar disorder, but in a follow-up interview said she was misdiagnosed. In 2011, she married a therapist, Barry Herridge, her fourth husband, but they later divorced. The two reconciled after she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and were going to renew their vows earlier this year, the Irish Mirror reported, but decided against it because of the risk to her recovery.

At the conclusion of her post online, she writes: "If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in managing me could they please e mail me at Iamwonderful@me.com. I do not have a career in America, my career is European based, so it needs to be someone who is familiar with the European market. While waiting for the right permanent manager I could do with a 'temp' so if you know anyone please let me know."

Billboard emailed O'Connor to find out why she revealed so much personal information, what kind of feedback she has received and if she has heard from her former manager -- or his girlfriend. She has not yet replied.