Exclusive: Listen to Joshua Radin's 'Beautiful Day' Featuring Sheryl Crow

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Cover art for Joshua Radin and Sheryl Crow's single, "Beautiful Day."

People may be familiar with Joshua Radin from his songs on shows such as House and Grey's Anatomy. He's also opened for Sheryl Crow.

Crow clearly liked what she heard, because Radin's latest single features her.  

"Seven years ago I had the honor of supporting Sheryl Crow on a handful of concerts," Radin tells Billboard. "I was amazed as I watched her on the stage every night, not only because she is such a fantastic live performer, but also due to the fact that every song she played was a hit record. She is an absolute legendary songwriter, singer and all around musician -- a musician's musician. I have the utmost respect for her and her entire body of work. She has made the radio airwaves better for over twenty years. I still can't believe how lucky I am to have collaborated with her on 'Beautiful Day.'"

"I was thrilled when Joshua asked me to sing on 'Beautiful Day,'" Crow tells Billboard. "He really put his heart into the song. I’ve been a fan of his since we played together several years ago."

"Beautiful Day" was originally heard on Radin's 2013 album Wax Wings, and the new version with Crow will be the lead single for his upcoming album Onward and Sideways, out Feb. 10. Listen to the exclusive premiere below: