Gorillaz Gearing Up For Live Shows

"As for the show itself, it would be one where the lights never come up," group member Damon Albarn (aka 2D) tells Billboard.

To support its sophomore album, "Demon Days," due May 24 via Virgin, the cartoon band is in the planning stages for how to present the material in a live setting. "As for the show itself, it would be one where the lights never come up," group member Damon Albarn (aka 2D) tells Billboard.

"So, if [album guest star] Dennis Hopper were to walk on stage, you would know it's him by his voice alone -- as well as his silhouette," he continues. "It will be like those old cutout silhouette portraits everyone used to get. Yes, it will all be done by silhouette."

It's a motif in line with a new commercial for Apple's iPod, which features roller skaters in silhouette while the Gorillaz single "Feel Good Inc." plays in the background.

Albarn describes "Demon Days" as "a more buoyant album. I'm in a happier place. Even though we live in tough times, we must be on a quest to uplift." The artist admits "Feel Good Inc." was not originally intended for De La Soul, but that the veteran rap trio's infectious spirit made them the right choice for the cut.

"We played them the track and they began dancing immediately," he recalls. "They have such a playful attitude, which works for us. In the end, it's one of those songs that tells a story about nothing, really. And that's pretty much what the Gorillaz are about."

Albarn has equally high praise for "Demon Days" co-producer Danger Mouse, whose mash-up of the Beatles' "White Album" and Jay-Z's "The Black Album" became an Internet sensation last year.

"There is one intelligent brain at work there," he says, adding that he and Danger Mouse are already working on a new project together. "Look at the bravado of getting your hands on the Holy Grail that is the Beatles and making your own thing out of it. He's great at making things fit together. In time, he could easily be as good as Quincy Jones.

As for Blur, the esteemed Albarn-led Britpop act that hasn't released a new album since 2003's "Think Tank," there does not appear to be any imminent activity in the band's camp. Blur remains without the services of longtime guitarist Graham Coxon, who exited before the release of the last album.

Asked what, if anything, is happening on that front, Albarn says, "I'm waiting for Graham to talk to me again. I'd love to see if we could make another record. I miss playing live in something that I grew up in. I do feel it's a shame that we didn't stick to it. Hopefully, we'll play together soon. As musicians, we need to spread peace and love."