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Oscar Host Neil Patrick Harris: Watch 7 of His Musical Hosting Moments

Neil Patrick Harris during the 67th annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York on June 9, 2013. 

No disrespect to Barney Stinson, but "Neil Patrick Harris: Awards Show Host" may just be the Emmy- and Tony-winning actor's most delightful role yet. Earlier Wednesday (Oct. 15), it was announed that Harris would finally get his shot on the biggest stage of all: He'll host the 2015 Oscars.

Neil Patrick Harris to Host the 2015 Oscars

Harris has had plenty of (Emmy-winning) practice hosting both the Emmys (twice) and the Tonys (four times), and it's not exactly a surprise that the actor, who also won a Tony this year for his work on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, is great at awards show numbers.

Check out just a few of Harris' best musical hosting moments below, and cross your fingers the Grammys are watching so Harris will be able to have some kind of special emcee EGOT one day. Note: We kept this roundup just to his awards-show highlights, but yes, there are plenty of other wonderful NPH music moments all over this great Internet of ours.

7. 2011 Tonys
Let's make sure everyone is clear about what is happening here: NPH is rapping at the end of the show about all the moments that just took place during the show. Naturally, there was a follow-up ending rap (with NYC shout-outs!) in 2013. Quick! Everyone figure out what rhymes with Benedict Cumberbatch so they can bring this bit back for Oscar season.

6. 2009 Emmys
Oh, you know, just a typical big band jazz number with a Sarah Palin joke. Totally typical Emmy fare, Harris.

5. 2011 Tony Awards 
Paging Hugh Jackman! The two hosts try and one-up each other, but really (duh) it just made audiences love both of them more. Please stage a sequel to this at the Oscars.

4. 2011 Tony Awards 
"It's not just for gays anymore!" Can't you see something like this happening on the Oscars stage? Just sub out Stephen Colbert for, like, Meryl Streep. This also seems like a good time to publicly cross our fingers that some of Harris' writing partners, like David Javerbaum and Lin-Manuel Miranda, follow Harris to the Dolby Theatre.

3. 2010 Oscars
He wasn't technically the host (that would be Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin), but here's NPH performing the opening number at the Oscars. A promising preview of things to come?

2. 2012 Tonys

"What If Life Were More Like Theater?": A daily hypothetical and an outstanding musical number!

1. 2013 Tonys Opening Number
When you've got that many dancers, a Tom Hanks shout-out and magic? We'll just say it: Best awards-show opening number of all time.

So, yeah, we're in for a legendary show (and maybe, if we're lucky, a Gone Girl musical number as well).