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You're Going To Want To Watch This 'Stay With Me' Parody with A 'Mean Girls' Actor

Daniel Franzese in the video for "Please Go Home."

It's Daniel Franzese's follow-up to "Beautiful."

Some songs are just asking for a perfect parody version (*cough* Sam Smith's gorgeous "Stay With Me"). Enter Franzese, who movies fans likely know as Damian from a little movie you may have heard of called Mean Girls.

In spoof Smith song "Please Go Home," Franzese plays a guy who had a really nice time last night, but wants you to leave now. Ideally five minutes ago. "Yes it's true I just had me a one-night stand/ Woke up in the place of another man," he hilariously croons in the begining of the tune. 

Watch the funny video -- which also stars Adrian Anchondo and members of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus  -- below.