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Eddie Vedder Backs Campaign to Beat Debilitating Skin Condition: Watch

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Eddie Vedder has appeared in a new video which trains the spotlight on epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic disorder that causes debilitating skin ailments.  

“When I first heard about it, it was quite hard to grasp the intensity of the condition. It’s about the most insane skin disorder you can imagine,” Vedder says in the clip.  “And when you realize it also affects the internal organs, then you see it as diabolical.”

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The Pearl Jam frontman sits on the board of the EB Research Partnership, which is targeting $5 million from fundraising for research into the prevention of the disease though genetic editing. “It’s very hard to describe until you meet the young folks with it,” Vedder adds. “And they make you realize how much you take for granted. You also realize these are some of the strongest, coolest, most admirable people on the face of the earth. “

Watch the video below.