Ciara Assaulted By Thong-Wearing 'Prankster' on Paris Red Carpet

Courtesy of Epic Records

Following up on his attack against Kim Kardashian in Paris last week, notorious celebrity "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk -- banned in the U.S. after accosting Brad Pitt last year -- set his sights on Ciara on a red carpet outside the Valentino fashion show.

Kim Kardashian Jostled Outside Paris Fashion Show

According to TMZ, Sediuk was standing outside the Paris fashion show wearing a trench coat, and as Ciara passed him, he lost the coat and hugged her hard, wearing a thong. The site notes that the Paris cops don't plan on taking any legal action.

Sediuk has made headlines for crimes against Pitt, America Ferrera, Will Smith and other celebs, typically on red carpets outside events.