Women in Music 2016

Morning Roundup: 10 Things To Start Your Day

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Prince, performing live

Happy Prince Day:
Prince fans rejoice: the famous artist is releasing not one, but two albums today.

Beyonce Will Not Give Away Free Album:
In an interview with the Financial Times, Beyonce's manager Jim Sabey said Beyonce will not release a free album in the manner of U2. "I never like to see anything free," Mr Sabey says.

Global Citizens:
Now in its third year, the Global Citizen Festival took place this weekend in New York’s Central Park. Check out 10 highlights from the day-long event, including performances from Carrie Underwood and Jay Z.

Bieber Is Over Vacation:
Look out world: Justin Bieber's latest Instagram from vacation suggests he's ready to get back to work on new music.

Saturday Night Live Premiere:
On the first episode of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande both made their debuts. Read the episode recap here and find out who Grande brought out as a duet partner.

Brandy Talks Brandy:
Like many of her fans 20 years later, Brandy can still remember the first time she heard her debut single “I Wanna Be Down” on the radio in the late summer of 1994. The singer took some time to break down her classic album song by song.

Watch a Trailer for New Aaliyah Biopic:
The casting of Aaliyah in Lifetime's upcoming biopic, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, has been controversial from the beginning. Watch a new teaser for the project.

Thom Yorke: Radical or Not?
Thom Yorke put out a surprise album Friday using BitTorrent. BitTorrent's CCO spoke about the release, which Yorke believes might help artists "bypass gatekeepers." Others have suggested that Yorke is actually one of the very same gatekeepers he critiques.

No A$AP Mob Album:
The New York rap group A$AP Mob has abandoned L.O.R.D., the collaborative album that was supposedly in the works. But apparently the next album from A$AP Rocky is coming "very soon."

DJ Khaled Wants His Money:
The star is seeking at least $1 million in missing royalties from a label he used to work with.