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Alanis Morissette

Alanis Unplugged

AlanisAs she neared the 10th anniversary of her landmark album "Jagged Little Pill," Alanis Morissette began pondering how to commemorate the occasion. She ultimately decided to do it all again, teaming with the album's producer/co-writer, Glen Ballard to record an acoustic version of the career-defining set.

"It just sounded much more appealing than creating my own awards show," she says with a laugh. "There's no better way to honor things than through music." "Jagged Little Pill Acoustic" arrives June 13 -- exactly 10 years to the day after the original release. It will initially be sold only at Starbucks' 4,500 North American outlets for a six-week exclusive period, after which it will hit traditional retail outlets on July 26.

Morissette estimates that she's acoustically worked up 75% of the songs from "Jagged Little Pill" over the years in concert, but she still saw new avenues down which to take the material. "My voice has changed over the last 10 years in a way that I'm just loving," she says. "I have access to notes that I never had access to. Even if we were to do the songs arranged the same way as the original, the way I approach them emotionally is different and I bring 10 years of life experience to them."

Morissette is touring acoustically behind the album this summer. "We'll play the album from start to finish," she says, "although we'll probably play around some with the order. We'll also throw in some other songs from the last 10 years." But Morissette adds she is in no way saying goodbye to these songs: "I'll be playing them until I'm dead."