2016: The Year in Charts

33 Moments That Kept Us Loving Beyonce This Year

Mike Nelson/Landov
Beyonce poses in the pressroom for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum in California on August 24, 2014.

Because it's her 33rd birthday today, duh.

It's B'Day once again.

Beyonce turns 33 today, and in honor of this joyous occasion, we're looking back at 33 of our favorite moments in her life this year.

Yes, yes, this year was probably a bit more scandal-ridden than she would have liked, but you don't get to be Queen Bey without figuring out a few ways to expertly deal with unflattering news. On the other (much more important) hand, this was also the year she got more powerful than we could imagine, weathered a storm, showed us all how to use Instagram properly, went on not one but two different tours, and, oh yeah, quietly put out a super-secret album complete with 17 music videos. It was so successful, the new standard to be measured against is if an artist could potentially "pull a Beyonce." 

Put on your own freakum dress, and celebrate that time this year she...

1. Stood in front of a "Feminist" sign at the VMAs.

2. Decided women didn't feel impressed enough with her dancing, so she released the "Partition" video.

3. Sang "Of course sometimes sh** goes down when there's a billion dollars in an elevator" with Nicki Minaj, and in the process taught a masters class in reclaiming a negative event.

4. Taught us that a picture is worth more than 1,000 words (and one leaked security camera video).

5. Performed her greatest hits at Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party.

6. Showed off this hair flip on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour:

7. Demanded to be called by a certain name. 

8. Released the On The Run Tour trailer. It was absolutely bananas, and we learned she might be secret friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rashida Jones. 

9. Told us she just wanted to be happy.

10. Went with this outfit/that hair.

11. Made watermelon the fruit of 2013/2014. 

12. Released an album with the lyric "Turn that cherry out" and regularly referred to herself as a "grown woman."

13. Decided she wanted to be involved with the sure-to-be-trashy-hit Fifty Shades of Grey film, so the trailer contained a new version of "Crazy in Love."

14. Landed on this On The Run Tour poster.

15. Showed off her On The Run Tour costumes.

16. Shared this photo of Grammy realness.

17. Performed a barely-allowed-on-television "Drunk In Love" at the Grammys. 

18. Gave her approval to the Saturday Night Live sketch, "The Beygency".

19. Shared an inspirational journal entry.

20. Said, "Justin Who?"

21. Basically said, "Admit it. You'll never look this cool and carefree."

22. Covered Time's "100 Most Influencial" Issue.

23. Taught us all we woke up like this.

24. Wrote an inspiring poem for Blue Ivy/All Women. 

25. Wouldn't show Blue Ivy's face in photos, but still demonstrated how great a time the two are always having, Halloween included.

26. Announced "My favorite hue in JayZBlue." 

27. Declared herself a living work of art. 

28. Was a mysterious video enigma.

29. Could even make a face mask look good. 

30. Shot a promo for her concert special and it was crazy sexy. 

31. Was basically just showing off at this point. 

32. Shut down the rumors.

33. Introduced #Surfbort.

Any questions?