Daniel Radcliffe Teaches You How To Make Elvis Presley's Other Favorite Sandwich

Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Actor Daniel Radcliffe during an interview with host Seth Meyers on Late Night on August 5, 2014.

How's this for a random talk show anecdote?

Elvis may be famous for enjoying deep-fried banana sandwiches, but -- as part of a joke in Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming film What If -- Radcliffe learned that the King had another much-loved treat: Fool's Gold.

Seth Meyers was shocked to learn what exactly goes into this greasy sandwich, and Radcliffe happily filled him in Tuesday night on Late Night. Check out Radcliffe's description below, and then ponder this quote that Radcliffe just casually dropped into conversation: 

"This is a movie that will make people happy, I think, which is unusual for me." UMM...does he really think we're just going to forget that he was in eight Harry Potter films? 

Watch below: