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Frank Black

Land Of Frank And 'Honey'

FrankPixies vocalist/guitarist Frank Black this week releases his first album in nine years under his own name, "Honeycomb." The 14-track Back Porch set was recorded in Nashville with such veteran sessions musicians as keyboardist Spooner Oldham, guitarist Steve Cropper and drummer Billy Block.

Beyond covers of Doug Sahm's "Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day," the Elvis Presley-popularized "Song of the Shrimp" and the Dan Penn/Chips Moman-penned "Dark End of the Street," the new album features 11 new Black originals, including "Go Find Your Saint," "Violet," "Atom in My Heart," "Another Velvet Nightmare," "I Burn Today" and "My Life Is in Storage."

The backing band also boasts guitarists Buddy Miller and Reggie Young, bassist David Hood and drummers Anton Fig, Akil Thompson and Chester Thompson. "Honeycomb" was produced by Jon Tiven, a veteran of sessions with B.B. King and Wilson Pickett who previously worked with Black on the 1994 EP "Headache."

Black describes overall creative direction of the experience as "mellow. It's just the way it came out. Maybe I wrote a little bit in anticipation with playing with those kinds of guys. But they are definitely pre-punk, these guys. So it's not like they don't get it, it's just that they come from a different world, where it's a little more groove-oriented. They don't necessarily play loud."