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Bob Mould

'Song' Sung Blue

BobBob Mould's dalliance with electronica/dance music on his 2002 album "Modulate" left fans simultaneously intrigued and baffled. Luckily, the rock'n'roll master craftsman behind Husker Du and Sugar returns to more familiar territory on "Body of Song" (Yep Rock), bolstered by contributions from Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and former Sugar bassist David Barbe.

Tightly wound tracks like "Underneath Days" and "Missing You" wouldn't have sounded out of place on Sugar's 1992 debut "Copper Blue," and it's a treat to hear Mould summoning his signature angry, wall of guitar sound on "Paralyzed" and "Circles."

"I have to have faith that some people are going to follow me through an experimental phase like ['Modulate']," Mould says. "You know, what can you do? They're not all going to be 'Workbook' or 'Copper Blue.' This one's a little closer to both of those. But, you've got to take chances."

After an eight-year break from touring with a full band, Mould will hit the road in the fall, backed by Canty on drums, and for the first time, perform music from throughout his career. "I would probably say [shows will include] half of the new record, and the rest will be the songs people will want to hear," Mould says. "I think it will also be the ones that work the best with what we're trying to do. If we pull a song up and Brendan's not feeling it, I don't want to play it. But we'll take a shot at everything."