Justin Bieber

From in-person to social media, this fight appears to be far from over.

Justin Bieber quickly pulled down an Instagram photo early Wednesday morning (July 30) of Miranda Kerr in a bikini, but he doesn't appear to be backing down on his most recent post.

Did Justin Bieber Taunt Orlando Bloom Via Instagram After Alleged Scuffle?

Following an alleged fight between the singer and Orlando Bloom, Bieber posted a new photo -- of Bloom wiping his eyes, as if he'd been crying -- to his 18 million-plus followers on Instagram.

TMZ posted a series of videos showing the Ibiza altercation late Tuesday into early Wednesday, including one that shows Bloom taking a swing at Bieber but failing to connect. Some reports have linked the drama to the women in their life, since Bieber reportedly had a date with Bloom's soon-to-be-ex-wife Kerr back in 2012, while Bloom was spotted with Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez, in April.

Bieber taking this fight to Instagram hardly seems fair, since Bloom doesn't have an account on the photo-sharing site. Maybe they should move it to Snapchat instead.