Lily Allen photographed for Billboard

Lily Allen photographed on March 21st at The Mercer in New York City. 

Styling by Kemal & Karla at The Wall Group


On Allen: Chanel cardigan, Topshop beaded bustier, Moschino lace short, Casadei pumps with black trim, Chelsea de Luca blue crystal earrings 

 Peter Ash Lee

Dear Diary: We aren't pleased.

A moment of silence for what could have been: Lily Allen is no longer writing the music for the upcoming Bridget Jones's Diary musical. 


"I wrote some great music for it, but [original book author] Helen Fielding wants to go back and write a whole new story. It's been a long-term project and I was happy to do my bit but now I'm out of the picture," Allen told The Sun

The long-in-the-works musical version of the bestselling novel by Fielding  -- which was turned into the Renée Zellweger-starring box office smash and its sequel -- still aims to premiere on the West End at some point in the future. (At one point in time, it was slated for a 2011 Broadway run.)

There's been no announcement thus far on who Fielding will work with now on the music, but here's hoping whomever takes it on doesn't stray from the film version of the climactic fight scene. 

"It's Raining Men" is perfect.