Katy Perry

Katy Perry photographed by Lauren Dukoff on April 17, 2014 at Sony Pictures in Culver City.

Lauren Dukoff

Katy Perry posts an Instagram photo of herself wearing a pizza onesie. We're not sure why

Is Katy Perry's next single a "Peacock" parody?

Sample lyric: "I wanna see your pizza/hot hot hot/your pizza/hot hot hot."

Okay, maybe not. But the singer was in a goofy mood during some downtime from her current Prism tour, and yesterday, Perry posted a silly video to Instagram of someone (probably her, but who really knows?) dancing in a head-to-toe pizza costume, and then wrestling with a hungry dog. 

Check it out below:


A few weeks ago, Perry posted a different Instagram wrapped up in the same pizza onesie. Is pizza her next legendary lover?