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Burn to Shine 2

'Shine' On, Chicago

WilcoThe second installment of the "Burn To Shine" performance series arrives this week on DVD via Trixie. The brainchild of Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty, the project was shot in Chicago last September and, like January's debut Washington, D.C.-based version, spotlights bands playing one song each in the same room of an empty house that faces imminent destruction.

Wilco, Tortoise, Shellac, Freakwater, the Ponys, Pit Er Pat and the Lonesome Organist are all featured on the new DVD. Canty is particularly fond of the performance from the Americana-leaning Freakwater, contributing to what he says is a "much more varied batch of music this time. In the room, it sounded nice, but in the context of these other bands, I think they're maybe my favorite thing on there."

He also marvels at Wilco's version of "Muzzle of Bees," which featured a sizzling solo from guitarist Nels Cline. "It was shocking how loud it was in a small room," he says. "They did three takes and every time the solo was totally different and totally amazing."

"Part of the idea is, you get a few leaders [of a city's music scene], then you get to check out what else is going on in the city," Canty declares. "It contextualizes the big bands in a scene. These guys all know each other and see each other all the time. But people don't really think regionally. You realize all these people were in town that day, and it was nothing for them to come over for an hour."