Lykke Li Faces Twerkers, Bikers in 'Gunshot' Video (Watch)

Lykke Li photographed by Josh Olins for Atlantic Records in 2014.
Josh Olins

Bikers, hooligans and twerkers fill Li's post-apocalyptic future

You probably never expected to see indie darling Lykke Li alongside a crew of twerkers in one of her own music videos, but it's a post-Miley world, and here we are.

In the video for "Gunshot"--one of the torch ballad highlights from her latest album "I Never Learn"--the Swedish singer-songwriter stumbles through a burnt-out parking lot that brings to mind "Mad Max." Covered in goth-y makeup and a ratty trench coat, Li trips over her own feet as she navigates the dismal wasteland filled with bikers, booty-bouncers, hooligan children, weight-lifters and couch potatoes.

Lykke Li convulses throughout the "Gunshot" video as if she’s repeatedly being shot, and she's pretty convincing as a post-apocalyptic mime. But to be honest, if only mimes and twerkers survive the apocalypse, the living will definitely envy the dead.