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Nickel And Dime

KroegerNickelback frontman Chad Kroeger knows that the success of his gimmick-free, high-octane Canadian quartet confounds many people. "But I think everybody now accepts that Nickelback is going to be around for awhile ... for better or for worse," the guitarist/singer says. Kroeger hope this week's Roadrunner release of "All the Right Reasons" further elevates the group's worldwide status; first single "Photograph" is already shaping up to be a multiformat radio smash for the band.

In the summer of 2004, Nickelback's members intended to take time off. Instead, they regrouped after two weeks at Kroeger's Mountainview Studios in Abbotsford, British Columbia, to jam; they did not stop until seven months later when they emerged with a full album co-produced by the band and longtime collaborator Joey Moi.

Kroeger emphasizes that a carefree attitude led to "All the Right Reasons" becoming the most musically diverse Nickelback album so far. Certainly "Side of a Bullet," a tribute to the late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott of Damageplan, who was shot and killed onstage last December in Columbus, Ohio, is unlike anything Nickelback has recorded.

After Kroeger played the track over the phone to Abbott's brother, drummer Vinnie Paul, Paul forwarded some guitar outtakes by his brother, and a solo was constructed for the track. Kroeger acknowledges that the song's graphic lyrics were intentional. "I wanted it to be a gut-wrenching song," he says." I want people to feel my anger."