Fred discusses Linkin Park, Sheryl Crow, non-English hits, Academy Award winning artists and more with readers.


Hi Fred!

Great column! As a late-blooming Linkin Park fan, could you summarize their total entries on any Billboard chart? Even though I found myself singing along to "In the End" back when it was a hit, it wasn't until I heard "Breaking the Habit" that I decided to buy any of their albums. I am hooked now! I can't wait for them to release a new album.


Alex Perez
Santa Monica, Calif.

Dear Alex,

Linkin Park has only had one top 10 hit on the Hot 100: "In the End" peaked at No. 2 the week of March 30, 2002. The group's second biggest hit, "Numb," stopped at No. 11 in March 2004. Your personal favorite, "Breaking the Habit," reached No. 20 in September 2004.

Linkin Park has had nine chart entries to date, starting with "One Step Closer," which debuted the week of Feb. 10, 2001, and went on to peak at No. 75.

Of the band's five entries on The Billboard 200, two spent time in pole position: "Meteora" for two weeks in April 2003 and "MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents: Collision Course," recorded with Jay-Z, for one week in December 2004.

On the Modern Rock airplay chart, Linkin Park has had six No. 1 hits. The most successful was "Numb," which ruled for 12 weeks. On the Mainstream Rock tally, there have been three Linkin Park chart-toppers. "Numb" and "Breaking the Habit" performed best, as each reigned for three weeks.



Thanks for continuously providing a wealth of information. Not too long ago, I noticed you mentioned something about Sheryl Crow having the most top 10 hits on the Adult Top 40 chart. Since [Joel] Whitburn & co. do not have any recorded research on that chart, how many hits has Sheryl had on the Adult Top 40 chart so far and does she have the most?

Since "All I Wanna Do" was released in late 1994, wouldn't it have been too late for that song to chart on Adult Top 40 when [the chart] debuted in March 1996, or was I looking at the paragraph wrong?


Jason Voigt
[email protected]

Dear Jason,

I was relying on internal Billboard chart archives for the Sheryl Crow statistics. Unfortunately, sometimes those internal chart archives are not accurate. In this case, test chart info was included for Adult Top 40 charts that were compiled prior to the official debut of the survey.

That means Sheryl actually first appeared on the Adult Top 40 tally the week of Sept. 21, 1996, with "If It Makes You Happy."


In the recent letter "From Fred B to Fred B" regarding non-English language hits, you mentioned a few songs from way back; but you overlooked a song that not only went to No. 1 but that ignited a Latino movement that went on to be very strong in the 1990s.

The song is "La Bamba" by Los Lobos.


Oliverio Martinez
Monterrey, Mexico

Dear Oliverio,

You were one of almost a dozen readers who noticed the omission of "La Bamba." If I'm not more careful, I may find myself dancing with wolves...


Hello Fred,

I am a huge fan of your column as well as the books that you've published. I am curious if you could list in order all of the albums that peaked at No. 1 but were considered commercial failures regarding the number of copies sold.

For example, I understand Madonna's "American Life" album peaked at No. 1 but failed to sell a million copies. Would it be too much trouble to compile a list of worst selling No. 1 albums?


Ronnie Gallant

Dear Ronnie,

Thanks for the kind words about "Chart Beat" and my Billboard books. After you were so complimentary, it's even more difficult to not answer your question.

But there's a good reason why I can't. Per Billboard policy, I cannot release any sales figures.

Despite that restriction, I did approach our chart department to see if we could provide you with a list of the 10 No. 1 albums that sold the least since we started using sales data from Nielsen SoundScan.

Compiling such a list would mean adding up all of the weekly sales for the approximately 160 albums that have spent time at No. 1 since 1991, so the answer to your question has to be yes, it would be too much trouble!

I can tell you that there have been many No. 1 albums that have sold less than a million copies, so "American Life" may not be in that bottom 10.


Dear Fred,

Enjoyed reading your update on those artists who have earned No. 1 songs and have also won Academy Awards for acting.

But you left two people out: Shirley Jones [won the] best supporting Oscar for "Elmer Gantry" and [had a] No. 1 appearance with the Partridge Family on "I Think I Love You" and Bing Crosby [won the] best actor Oscar for "Going My Way" in 1954 [and had] several No. 1 hits, including "White Christmas."

Hope that helps clarify things!

Bill Short
West Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Bill,

Thanks for remembering Shirley Jones' and Bing Crosby's achievements. I wasn't considering pre-rock era No. 1s, but Bing Crosby had 15 chart-toppers between 1940-1955, more than any other artist.