Cowboy Troy

While readying to kick off a tour with his Muzik Mafia brethren, Troy looks forward to a trip to Gotham.

Whoa!!!! Today is the first day of the American Revolution II Tour!!!! Yee Hawwww! Buckle your chinstrap and hang on because we've got a lot in store for each of you.

During the last three days off, I have gone into the studio to record the Spanish version of my song "El Tejano." We are planning to have that ready for the Latin radio market because of a bit of interest in that area. Those of you who have "Loco Motive" already know what it sounds like in Spanglish, but wait 'til you hear this version.

Today we are in The Woodlands, Texas (near Houston). Seeing the rest of the Muzik Mafia milling about the venue feels like we‘ve never been apart. We‘ve been friends a long time. This will be a cool family reunion.

I'm looking forward to seeing each of y'all throughout this tour. Next week is the CMAs in New York and that's going to be quite the convention. [Ed Note: The Country Music Association Awards take place Nov. 15 at Madison Square Garden and will air live on CBS in the United States.]

You may notice the last couple entries have not mentioned my quest for kettle-cooked barbecue chips. I've been watching what I eat in preparation for the red carpet. I know it's not en vogue to admit you have to monitor your diet, but hey, who said I was trying to be en vogue. I'll let you be the judge of whether or not it worked.

You deserve to be entertained... and you shall. I AM Cowboy Troy and I AM Hick-Hop!!

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