The band kicks off a stint on the Masters Of Horror tour.

What up people!?!?

Sonny Mayo and Morgan Rose of Sevendust comin' at ya from Peoria, Ill. On the Masters of Horror Tour with Mudvayne, 10 Years and Bobaflex.

The first few shows have been amazing. We're starting to get our "tour legs" under us again. We've really been looking forward to getting back out and doing live shows after all the promotional work we've done over the last few months.

This tour has been the most fun for us in years!!! The response has been unreal and we can't thank our friends as well as the Mudvayne fans enough for making us feel welcome!!! After playing some of the hottest shows in recent memory the first three shows we finally got the temperature below 150 degrees when we hit Chicago. You guys amaze us with your stamina to handle the heat!!!

So far, every night after the show, we've been kickin' it with the guys in Mudvayne. It's like being on tour with family. Some of the guys from 10 Years & Bobaflex stop in too. Our bus seems to be the official gathering place for "after show festivities." It's been a long time since Sevendust opened for someone and we have to admit, it's nice to be able to have time to hang with everybody and not have to leave 20 minutes after the show.

We're gonna enjoy ourselves for a little while before it's time to start our headline run in January. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and we'll be looking forward to seeing everybody on tour.

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Heart & Respect,

Sonny Mayo & Morgan Rose