"Headin' home for two days off," bassist Benj Gershman writes. "We all need them."

It's early. I haven't slept more than two hours over the course of the night. I slept like s*** this week. My back is messed up from the drives, but I know we are lucky to have the bus.

Headin' home for two days off. We all need them. I feel the energy draining slightly from our shows. Feels like we've been going non-stop since the beginning of this year. There seems to always be someone saying, "Well, WE HAVE TO DO THIS..." Time off with family and friends gets cut short for the band. We love doing what we do but there's other things it seems we also want to do that don't always take precedence. No one really sees what being out does to us.

Shows have been cool though, great two weeks with Michael Tolcher and his band. They are all so talented it's incredible... as was Toby Lightman and her band. The best part of having them out was how nice and friendly everyone was. Honestly it makes a big difference on the road to get along with who you are touring with.

So at soundchecks we've been working on new material. Marc has gotten super involved in crafting songs out on his computer using pro tools and various looping programs. It's amazing what those progs can do. What you can do on a laptop these days makes studios increasingly more and more obsolete. Pretty cool I think.

Looking forward to hittin' east coast around Thanksgiving. I hope everyone reading this has a great holiday!

Take care,


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