2017 BET Awards


The perils of touring are many and include tables and chairs.

September 11
I woke up this morning in Philadelphia.
Four years later… God Bless us all.

Last night was a trip.
It’s midnight and I’m back in NY
I spent the day with friends… in another life.

Right, the show…
None of us knew what to expect… we didn’t get to soundcheck, the additional PA took a while to set up and there were 2 folk bands going on before us.

I watched one of them while having dinner with my parents and friend, Lany.
Word, on the Asian Chicken Salad.
There was a cute girl playing nice songs with her brother and I started daydreaming…
It was surreal…
The unadulterated folk scene of Philadelphia… so many brilliant voices… what are we doing here?
Snapping out of it, I grabbed my girlfriend, ordered 2 pints of Yards and headed to the dressing room.
I have my favorite dress on, I’ll be fine
Jule, you’ll be fine you’ve done this a hundred times said Lany, a Russian girl from Brooklyn… who’ve I’ve remained friends with for years because we promised we wouldn’t ever become friends.

They turned all the lights out before the show.
When Mark’s guitar solo started, it was on.
Jim’s bass drum quickly cleared glassy eyes
A bunch of kids who have been friends and fans for years came out…
And the room filled out after the Spin Doctors show finished downstairs (for real)...
A few songs in, I pulled a few kids out of their metal chairs and started dancing with the kids I used to mosh with 2 years ago. Is this de-evolution?

God knows what it sounded like,
On the way back tonight I asked Markie what he thought of the show…
It was fine, but it sounded like dookie.
I almost punched him.
I’m not talking to him right now because I’m being childish and its fun (he’s my brother).
Give me a constructive comment, why did I take it personally?

It felt good to play my city.
It wasn’t like playing at Olive Garden.
It was more like a high school talent show with a red curtain and spotlights.
I wish there was a lighting rig. I asked Ethan to kill the spot light and use the blue and red fillers instead... It helped. I’m conditioning myself to believe that cool lights and smoke make up for mediocre performances… So bring on the cool lights?

Even though I’m not talking to him, Markie’s playing remarkably well.
Make a sister proud.
He and Jim are finding their groove.
& I’m trying not to be a nazi.

The World Café at 30th & Walnut is noteworthy.
I wish it were closer to Center City
because Philly kids have this “I only go where I can walk” mentality.
I love this city for its lethargy too.

Notes to self:
Beer makes me over sing and I wake up hoarse
I need to start running more than once a week
Get to the dentist

September 12
En route to Boston:

“Its just that a comment like it sounded like dookie is not in anyway constructive and I foolishly took it personally because the bigger picture is to come back and put on a proper show later. We’re doing our best and Dan & Ethan brought that PA. It could’ve been a hell of a lot worse, but one has to start some where. “

“Of course. Forgive my loose tongue. Love Markie”

sibling revelry

September 13
Yesterday was brutal.
Oh my god we have to do this 2 more times.
In the van by 10 am.
Four to 5 hours each way
(we’re rest stop junkies)
We pulled up at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.
Wicked venue… but we were playing the front room.. (aka upstairs)
As fate would have it, another café and talent show!
I wonder what the uber professional, guitarist Mark thinks of these venues?
He played to 80,000 in Turkey a few days before he flew to NY.
Mark is also Skin’s guitarist.
I use to be jealous of this at first… but the man’s gotta work.
Luckily, there’s been no schedule conflicts in the 5 months he’s been playing with me.
Or maybe they just don’t tell me about them.

Didn’t we just do this in Philly?
Yes, but this time we had a quarter of the crowd and an added bonus:
The air con was broken!
“Thank you for having us, I can’t stop sweating.”

Did anybody bother promoting?
The girl who was promoting the after party told me before the show, she hoped people would show up.
“Have you been promoting for it?’
“No, I’ve been busy with school
…but I told my friends and I made signs.”

God knows how many watts those damn spotlights were… obviously by the end of the show we were soaked and some of us were cranky.
I’ve got to hand it to my boys… they are professionals and don’t complain too much.
(They get paid well, what’s the difference if there’s 5 or 500 people there…Oh to be a session musician in London! I could pay my bills and eat better.)
There were 30 beers and 30 bottles of water on the table in the hide away “dressing room”
Wind us up and we’ll put on a show anywhere for anybody oh god this is too depressing
Back to the sauna

The crowd of 30 dwindled to 7 when the main act went on next door.
Dress Rehearsal, keep on going.
Deep physical pain!!
I felt like a fried egg.
We carried on for the 7 people who drove 3 hours to see us.

Very together manager, Brian who flew in for the show did not see the humor in the night…
“No label, radio, promoters… none of the “people that these residencies are for” were here. What are we doing this for? This is a gross waste of money…" He was on a mission has he typed emails that night..
We all sat down to enjoy the fruits of our night's labor; veggie wraps and nachos… hey if there’s tables and chairs, we better get a meal out of it.

Side note on dancing like fool: Less is more Jules, Less is more. (Brian hates the 2 step)

The night got better for
the van was packed with gear and 7 people.
This made for a very bouncy road experience…
Nobody was happy, Jim was so drunk the guys got him to order sticks and balls in Dunkin Donuts. Mark was trying to read and I was rattling my head against the window while Markie was trying to sleep and Brian was holding on for dear life.
I wish I had video of any portion of the night.
There was a lot of teeth gritting and Ethan kept switching radio stations
The song will never get better than this.

Today I’m off and since I wrote so much about yesterday, I won’t bother with today.

September 15
Last night we “had to go” to a [magazine-hosted] party.
I’ve turned down all the fashion shows & blah blah blah promo this week citing
Lack of fitting attire as my excuse.
I can’t get out of this one.
I do not like these sort of events.
I find them poor excuses for promo
but seeing as I’ve hardly done any I said yes, long as the boys come with and we make a night of it.
We did.
I like my publicist a lot. She lives in a world I knew all too well in the modeling chapter…
It’s a necessary evil these days.

I always feel sick before these events and went to the wine shop across the street for help.
I found a Bordeaux that looked promising and ran home to open it and get ready…
The wine was bad.
I spit it back into the glass and walked back over to the store to exchange it.
“Oh Avalon!” A tall sandy haired man was talking to me. “Avalon”
“Yes, what?” I’m confused, does he know the song?
“It just came in.”
“Oh that’s great” I stood there with the bad Bordeaux not knowing what to say next.
“It’s over here.”
“Oh, I’m sorry what are you talking about?”
“It’s not you that came in earlier for the bottle of Avalon?”
“No, I just bought this bottle of rancid wine and want to get something else.”
“Oh, oh sorry I thought you were someone else.”
The girl at the counter started to speak slowly and I told her a short story and started looking for another bottle… “What’s the Avalon he’s talking about like?”
“Oh it’s a really nice merlot that tastes more like a cabernet…”

The wine was very good.
California wrapper and all.
It did not help me figure out what to wear.
Brian arrived… “come on Jules, lets get on with it, what are you doing?”
“I don’t know what to wear.”
“Just wear jeans... don’t bother dressing up, let’s go.”
“Yes really, just be comfortable.”
There is a God.
Jim was in the background mocking me… talking some s*** about girls and the hours it takes to get ready. I wanted to push him in the toilet and remind him he tried on all my dresses in Istanbul 2 months ago.

The line outside of the club was unbelievable.
“Yes, everyone here’s on the list, you have to wait in line.”
That’s so dumb I hate this party already.
None of us cared that much to actually wait and were about to leave when publicist Tracy arrived.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”
She did, in less than 2 minutes the velvet rope was removed.
This made me self conscious.

Inside the party was typical except there were loads of jeans hanging from laundry lines above our head and some professional graffiti on the walls.
Apparently this party is being sponsored by H&M and tonight David LaChapelle is debuting his short movie version of Romeo and Juliet. Excellent. Drinks were coming at me from all directions and after the obligatory meet and greets I wandered out onto the roof hoping someone was smoking something nearby…nothing. The wine was shit and there was nowhere to sit. I spotted some guys sitting on the brick ledge that divided this building from the next and made my way over. I sat there for a few minutes staring at the pen of people around. (I’m not trying to be weird, I don’t belong here.) Behind me was a long roof and street lights. I turned around and started walking across the roof towards the light. I found solace sitting on the edge of the roof and pulled out my notebook to write.
Time went by… I didn’t look back until I heard…
“Miss! Miss!”
“You have to get down.”
A broad shouldered man in black was running towards me
“Please move away from the edge”
I stared at his face and the earpiece attached to the side of his head. He was talking to me?
“Are you okay?”
“You were reported by some people… what are you doing?”
“Writing, breathing, nothing, why, am I not allowed?”
“Someone thought you were going to jump”
I started laughing… (honestly, of all places to consider jumping)
“…but your fine, I can tell. Would you come back to the party?”
“Sure, fine, yes… Do I have to, okay, it’s such a nice night isn’t it?”
“Yea, we won’t have too many of these left.”

The rest of the night I did my best to ‘have a laugh’ like jovial Brian always encourages me to. None of the boys were anywhere to be found so I watched the movie, danced with some drag queens, (one very special one dressed like Louie XIV with a cockroach on his left cheek.) and did 2 shots of tequila with strangers to pass the time.

I found the boys not too long after and we stood in a corner on the roof talking shit until the sky opened and sheets of rain fell. Girls were screaming while they ran inside.
“Bloody hell, it might as well be London.” Brian made me laugh.
We left quickly but there were no cabs to be found, Hundreds of people were melting.
I found one a few blocks away and ended up at Pianos… doing more shots of tequila with strangers. I don’t know why I ever think this is a good idea.

My dream was full of them.
My ears were ringing (rattling) this morning.. I’ve completely blown this but managed to write this entry.

September 16
Friday Night INN 9:49 pm

Fling with the Boob Tube

Sitting here eating an uber healthy salad
Clear and Present Danger is on...
I like Harrison Ford, he reminds me of my father.
Muddleheaded would be the correct
word to describe the (huh) state I’m in.
Damn those rattlesnakes!
I do not have a tv in real life.
And don’t like being near one, because I get sucked in.
I unplugged 3 years ago, before reality shows and the OC took over.
…but they are everywhere! Unavoidable.. I can’t believe they’ve replaced
billboards with video screens downtown at subway stops…
I wish all of them would blow up at the same time.

This apartment has 3 impressive
Time Warner Digital Cable boxes.
I’m scared.
A nice man in navy blue was here earlier upgrading our system.
I don’t know how to be enthusiastic about 1034 channels.
Maybe I will sit here for the next 9 hours and 2 minutes and watch each channel for thirty seconds. Would I die in the end?
Jim and Mark are big fans of all the choices on demand!

‘How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some junk yard dog!
I am the president of the United States!’

Hmm. I’d like to watch the China Syndrome.

Jim and Mark are donning themselves up and going out.
No I don’t want to go out.
I’m watching tv.
No I don’t want to go out
I can still hear the rattlesnakes .
No I don’t want to go out
Sam! Sam’s calling me on Skype.
He is my favorite guy in the world..
hours later I still haven’t finished this?
I think I’m on a date.
God bless the internet, it’s the new tv.

Saturday, September 17
I slept until 12:12 pm.
For the 3rd day in a row.
And it feels so good
I wish today was tomorrow so I could do it again.

On the agenda today,
Gym (word on nysc’s free 30 day trials)
Hearty breakfast ( I know, it’s actually lunch but I’m a bit confused because over there, lunch is dinner and all I really want is an omelette)
Pick up at 4
Sound check at 5
Dinner with best NY girlfriend at 8
*note to self: limit alcohol consumption
CMJ cattle call show @ 12am
@ the Living Room
Because I am grossly uninformed about any of the details of this show,
I know not whether my friends can get in without passes.
I walked into the Living Room two nights ago during the Tequila Party… what luck
This is officially the Tables and Chairs Tour.
I am going to sit under one of them and sing a song tonight.

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