Flaming Lips Ready For 'War,' Reissue

The Flaming Lips will unveil their new album, "At War With the Mystics," April 4 via Warner Bros. First single "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" will arrive in late March.

The Flaming Lips will unveil their highly anticipated new album, "At War With the Mystics," April 4 via Warner Bros. Although the full track list has not yet been announced, first single "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" will be commercially released March 27 in the United Kingdom.

That cut was inspired by the elaborate layered vocal harmonies the Lips recorded for a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" that appeared on a recent tribute album.

"We were perfectly able to conquer the challenges Queen presented, so [group member] Steven [Drozd] continued doing these strange vocal arrangements of him singing into a microphone 30 times or something," frontman Wayne Coyne told Billboard.com in October. "We took that vocal treatment and made a song out of it. It ends up being a self-empowering thing -- almost like an MC5 thing, but it's not talking about external things. It's talking about the power within you. What would you do if you had the power?"

Other songs expected to make the final cut include "The W.A.N.D." (which will be released digitally on Jan. 10), "Space Bible" and "Time Travel??" Said Coyne, "There are some tracks we've delved into production-wise, where we're trying to get some of that heavy rock'n'roll with heavy guitar riffs, but not just to be aggressive. On the last couple of records, we've tried to be more expressive in beautiful ways. But sometimes, volume and intensity are great too."

Meanwhile, the Lips have set a Jan. 31 release for a DVD reissue of their acclaimed 1999 album "The Soft Bulletin." The set has been remixed in Dolby 5.1 audio and will also feature the outtakes "100ft Hands," "The Captain" and "Satellite of You," plus radio sessions of the additional non-album tracks "Up Above the Daily Hum," "The Switch That Turns Off the Universe," "We Can't Predict the Future" and "Remained Unrealizable."

"That, of all the records we've done, is really the only one that had seven or eight other songs we didn't release," Coyne told Billboard.com last year. "For fans of that record, this is going to be a very cool item. 'The Soft Bulletin' gave us such a different perspective and a new life -- there's a richness there that will be fun to go back and revisit."