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The Masters Of Horror tour comes to a close and the band makes plans to ring in the new year.

Morgan Rose coming to you after a week of Christmas shows and birthday celebrations!

This run with Mudvayne has been a blast. It has been an adventure with new and old friends.

We have been all around the country doing show: Wichita at the Cotillion –- Santa even showed up at that show... Kansas City at the Uptown – where our friend Jason Dean will always come out to amaze us with his slight of hand magic tricks. I still try to figure out how he does some of that s***!!

The Fillmore in Denver -– The KPBI Mistletoe Jam was like an ocean of people – the kids were coming over the barricade nonstop. Glad you all made it out because it was another cold one... but I guess if you live in Denver, it’s normal!

I spent my birthday in Nashville on a travel day to Charleston, S.C. You know how wild it can get traveling on the road –- in a band you know that birthdays have GOT to be the WILDEST?!?!? Oh yeah!!!!!!!! After napping most of the day I went to dinner at Dave and Buster’s sports bar with a few in the crew and after that -– well that’s when it got crazy!!!! Late night and outta control partyin’?? Maybe some bar hopping???? NOPE... we went BOWLING for a whole hour. Yeah, THAT’S how we do it! My Production Manager, Andy Meyer, would have had a near perfect last game -– but they cut the power on us at closing time –- and we got kicked out (midnight). That was OK -– we had a midnight bus call anyhow!

The Plex in Charleston was our next stop. This was a headlining show. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd! We had Burn Season, Revelation Theory and Socialburn with us on the bill. Tampa was next -– Thanks to Tom and everyone at the Masquerade!! Another headlining show with Revelation Theory, Burn Season and AM Conspiracy. As always, night in Ybor City is never dull -– and the band and crew ate massive amounts of food at Dish. Next was Miami, San Antonio and Dallas -– radio shows with Mudvayne again!!

And our last stop -- Oklahoma City at the Bricktown Events Center. The last night of the tour is always a little difficult -– saying goodbye to new and old friends -– but the cool thing is that you know that you will cross paths on the road for sure. Thanks to everyone that came out to support us on this run!

Now we have to look forward to New Year’s Eve in Orlando. Who is gonna come ring in the New Year with us?

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