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Answers to readers' questions about Julia Fordham, Pink, Destiny's Child and TLC.


Hi Keith,

I am huge fan of Julia Fordham's work. Her last three albums -- "Concrete Love," "That's Life" and "That's Live" are all great -- as is the rest of her back catalog.

Can you please tell me if she still has a recording deal with Vanguard? I'm sure I read somewhere that she had completed that contract. Also, can you tell me how many albums Julia has sold in the United States? And if there is a new release on the horizon?

Many thanks.

Darren Ralph,
Manchester, England

Hello Darren,

Julia Fordham is still with Vanguard Records and she is working on a new album. However, a release date has not been scheduled yet.

The last time the British singer reached any of Billboard's album charts came in 2002 as "Concrete Love" hit No. 45 on the Top Independent Albums tally.

Her last release, "That's Live," was issued in 2004 and has sold less than 5,000 in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Since the company began tracking sales data in 1991, Fordham's catalog has sold 464,000 in total. Keep in mind that Fordham's first two releases, her self-titled 1988 debut and 1989's "Porcelain," likely had the bulk of their sales previous to SoundScan setting up shop.


Hi Keith,

Thanks for answering my question regarding Crossfade the other week. I always find your column really helpful and full of random music trivia.

The last I heard, Pink was deciding between recording and touring behind a new album or making a movie about the life of Janis Joplin. I was wondering if you've heard anything about which project she decided on.

I know her last album, "Try This," did not do so well. Its lead single "Trouble" made the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at No. 68, I believe. But did the subsequent single, "God is a DJ" make the chart? How many copies did that album sell versus her second release "M!ssundaztood?"

Stephen Bernal
Palmer, Mass.

Hi Stephen,

It seems that at the moment, music is on the front burner for Pink. The two-time Grammy winner's new album, "I'm Not Dead," doesn't have an announced release date yet, though it's due out this spring. The set's first single, "Stupid Girls," will hit the radio airwaves in short order. Dave Meyers directed the song's accompanying music video.

[Ed note: Since this column was posted, confirmed that "I'm Not Dead" will be released April 4 via LaFace. Click here to read full details.]

It's true, Pink's third album, "Try This," didn't do so hot in terms of U.S. sales, moving only 700,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That's a rather steep drop-off from the sales of "M!ssundaztood," which has motored through 5.2 million copies.

"Trouble" was the only single from "Try This" to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and it peaked at No. 68, as you said. "M!ssundaztood" boasted four top 20 singles: "Get the Party Started," "Don't Let Me Get Me," "Just Like a Pill" and "Family Portrait."



I'm a fan of both groups equally but can you tell me which is truly the best selling female group: Destiny's Child or TLC? My friends and I have argued this fact forever and I need some clarity. Can you please help me end this feud among friends?


Joan Bivins

Hi Joan,

This is the question that Destiny's Child fans have been asking for months. If we only look at the U.S. album sales of each group, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Destiny's Child has now pulled ahead of TLC.

Destiny's Child's seven albums have moved a cumulative 16.1 million units. Meanwhile, TLC's five releases have shifted 15.3 million.

When I last wrote about this topic in October 2005, TLC was still ahead. However, that month's release of Destiny's Child's "#1's" hits package pushed Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle past the ladies of TLC. The "#1's" set has sold 830,000 since its release.

In related news, Beyoncé's "Check On It" single (featured on "#1's") is poised to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100. On the chart dated Jan. 28, it was bulleted at No. 2.