Accused Ashanti Stalker Demands to 'Switch Judges' Before Leaving Courtroom

Jatnna Nunez
Ashanti visits the Billboard studio in New York City.

A man accused of stalking Ashanti unleashed a rant in court today (March 11), demanding that his case "switch judges" before he was hurried out of a New York courtroom.

According to the New York Daily News, Devar Hurd, 35, had a court date today for allegedly sending emails and texts to the R&B singer. He served a multi-year sentence through 2012 after being convicted of harrassing the singer in 2009, but supposedly resumed attempting to contact Ashanti upon his release.

“You know I didn’t do nothin,’” Hurd said during his court date. “Why are you not honoring the simple fact of what's going on? Isn't that part of your job?”

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Hurd told Justice Charles Solomon that there were "no text messages" and "no emails" to the singer, despite prosecutors' claim that he sent over 100 messages to Ashanti, including graphic sexts.

"I feel like there's a conflict of interest," Hurd told Solomon.

After refusing to quiet down, the judge demanded Hurd be removed from the courtroom.

Hurd pled not guilty to the charges after a court date in August.

His next date on trial is April 15.