<b>1969 - </b>No. 1 Billboard hit: "Dizzy," Tommy Roe. The song is Roe's biggest hit. It remains at No. 1 for four weeks and sells 6 million records.<br clear="none"/><br clear="none"/>

2002 - Diana Streisand Kind, mother of singer-actress Barbra Streisand, dies of complications from an accident she suffered at her home the previous November. She is 93.

2001 - Kenny Rogers is on hand a Philadelphia's First Union Center to pay tribute to former Philadelphia 76ers star Charles Barkley, who retired the previous season. Rogers, a surprise guest sings "Through the Years" during halftime of the 76ers game with the Golden State Warriors.

1999 - It is announced that anti-American feeling over the bombing of Yugoslavia has prompted rock group KISS to cancel three concert dates in Russia.

1969 - No. 1 Billboard hit: "Dizzy," Tommy Roe. The song is Roe's biggest hit. It remains at No. 1 for four weeks and sells 6 million records.

1968 - Quebecois chanteuse Celine Dion is born in Charlemagne, Canada. The singer has nine best-selling French albums under her belt before she records "Unison" in 1990.

1967 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Happy Together," The Turtles. The group is called the Crossfires before signing with Liberty Records.

1967 - The cover of the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album is staged and photographed at Chelsea Manor Studios in London using collage and wax figures from Madame Tussaud's famous museum. The actual cover is a painting of that photograph. Among the likenesses featured on the cover are Mae West, Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire, Bob Dylan, Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando, Oscar Wilde, Marlene Dietrich and W.C. Fields.

1963 - Rapper M.C. Hammer (Stanley Kirk Burrell) is born in Oakland, Calif. He is a batboy for the Oakland A's in the 1970s. His 1990 debut album, "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em," tops Billboard's pop album chart for 21 weeks and sells more than 10 million copies. He drops the M.C. on his 1991 release, "Too Legit to Quit."

1948 - Jim Dandy Mangrum of Black Oak Arkansas is born in Black Oak, Ark.

1945 - Eric Clapton is born in Ripley, England. He performs in the bands Cream, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominos. His biggest solo hit is the 1974 No. 1 song "I Shot the Sheriff." He is the big winner at the 35th annual Grammy Awards, earning six awards at the Feb. 24, 1993, ceremonies.