Little Steven's Underground Garage

Weekly column penned by Little Steven Van Zant, singer/songwriter/E Street Band guitarist and host of the Underground Garage.

GREETINGS, SPORTS FANS. This is the debut of our weekly column, which will deliver all things newsworthy in the sexy world of Garageland.

With the "Underground Garage" syndicated show in 200 markets on broadcast radio and our 24/7 channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, we have seen enormous growth in garage rock. Now the genre gets its own "charts."

Garage rock begins with a common spirit that at any given moment might include adventure, desperation, truth-seeking, frustration-venting and just plain fun. Under that broad emotional umbrella we include everything from classic rock to edgy punk, from the liberation cry of our pioneers as they gave birth to rock'n'roll to '60s-style girl-group teen pop.

Our Coolest Song in the World This Week will be new most of the time, but may be an older track on a new compilation, or occasionally an older song that was unfairly neglected in its first release.

This week's No. 1 -- "Walk of Fame" by Boink! -- is quirky, but it represents the vitally important girl group/B-movie/beach blanket subgenre of garage. Boink! is on a compilation of new, mostly teenage girl groups, certainly in spirit, from a fun new label called Teenacide started by the mysterious Jimmy Freek.

Meanwhile, Willie Nile's new album is finally getting him the attention he deserves. The brilliant new album by the Strokes is off to a good start, but the new classic by the equally brilliant Ray Davies is going to have difficulty because not enough classic rock stations are playing new music. Triple-A should be all over this -- it's Ray freakin' Davies!


(Coolest Song In The World This Week)

2. "Welcome To My Head," Willie Nile (00:02:59)
3. "Galaxy Gramophone," The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Warner)
4. "All She Wrote," Ray Davies (V2)
5. "Chinese Burn," The Len Price 3 (Liaughing Outlaw)
6. "One Day," The Vacancies (Blackheart)
7. "Razorblade," The Strokes (RCA)
8. "Red Planet," Zombina & The Skeletones (Ectoplastic)
9. "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor," Arctic Monkeys (Domino)
10. "She Cried," The Lords of Altamont (Gearhead)



2. "Other People's Lives," Ray Davies (V2)
3. "First Impressions Of Earth," The Strokes (RCA)
4. "Children Of Nuggets," Various Artists (Rhino)
5. "Hey! It's a Teenacide Pajama Party" Various Artists (Teenacide)
6. "A Present From The Past," The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Warner)
7. "Chinese Burn," The Len Price 5 (Laughing Outlaw)
8. "A Beat Missing Or A Silence Added," The Vacancies (Blackheart)
9. "Lords Have Mercy," The Lords Of Altamont (Gearhead)
10. "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," Arctic Monkeys (Domino)