This week's travels inlcude Philly and the requisite cheesesteak experience, which does not disappoint.

So we finished last week out with shows in Connecticut and Philly. The place in CT was called the Space and had the coolest vibe. It was like a huge bedroom with records everywhere and Christmas lights. They even had a thrift shop upstairs with two autographed copies of the Tiffany CD!!! Philly was a lot of fun and the Philly cheesesteaks at Geno's were super!

On to Bath, Pa., for our most... interesting show yet... We played at a place called Brenda and Jerry's which is a music store turned venue owned by a married couple named.... Brenda and Jerry! Jerry didn't stop smiling the entire night... he is the happiest person I've ever met. And Brenda... she has this old organ that sits next to the stage and she plays along with all the songs... and continues to play when the song is over! The show was packed with teens from the area. Seems to be the place in town to see shows... then again everywhere else in the area was a cornfield.

Currently we are in Ohio. We rocked Lorain, Ohio at the Red Parrot Cafe. Lots of fun and really cool people. Driving to Cincy today and facing a snowstorm. Getting me some Cinnamon Apple tea, compliments of the Holiday Inn, and bundling up for winter wonderland. Wooohooo. Really excited for Milwaukee in a few days... we have some awesome fans there and we haven't played for them in a year...


Week two... another blast! It was so cool when we got into Philly and saw the trolley cars. The trolley cars actually drive on the same roadway as the cars do! After our show we went to Geno's Philly cheese steak. This place has the most amazing cheese steaks and the brightest Vegas style lights. You can see Geno's from a mile away it's so bright.

The following night we had a great show at Brenda and Jerry's, a converted music store in the middle of cornfields. There was a great group of kids that came out and really enjoyed the show. We had a blast playing that night.


With the end of the first week we have parted ways w/ the first band we have toured with and even though it was only for a week, we definitely bonded. It was a weird tour match up as they are a screamo/punk band and we are very poppy song driven rock. First shows' communication problems created a little tension but was overcome and we eventually became closer and somewhat attached to each other. It was so cool hearing them get tighter with each night's performance. It was also really nice to hear them tell us how we really won them over.

The last night we performed with them their drummer came up to me and explained how the first night we played with them he was thinking "wow, they are really pop" but a few days later he felt that "...I shouldn't be liking this music because it's not punk, but it's just so good and so catchy." It feels good to have the ability to win over anyone with our show, regardless of what genre they feel attached to.