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Answers to readers' questions about Guns N'Roses, Ashley Parker Angel and Jessica Simpson.


Hi Keith,

I've been a fan of Guns N' Roses for a long time. Even now, throughout all the weird changes and crazy rumors, I'm still wondering what will Guns N' Roses Version 2.0 sound like if/when "Chinese Democracy" comes out.

Over the past few weeks more and more confirmations from European promoters have GN'R as a headliner at music festivals this summer. To date, there are approximately 18 dates lined-up. You can view these dates by going to a fans' Web site

Yet, if you go to the band's official Web site (, you'll see absolutely nothing! As a fan, this seems to be misleading, causes confusion and seems just plain stupid on behalf of the GN'R management.

My question(s): Why would the band have an official Web site with absolutely no information on it and why wouldn't they make some kind of an announcement?


Ben Carver
Richmond, Va.

Hi Ben,

It's amazing that there is still interest in Guns N' Roses after all these years, isn't it? I'm eager to hear what "Chinese Democracy" will sound like too, even though it's been a very long 15 years since the band's last studio album.

The Axl Rose-led act is indeed slated to perform at a bunch of European music festivals this summer including Lisbon's Rock In Rio on May 27.

Why would Guns N' Roses' official Web site not say anything about these shows? It's likely that there is a very specific game plan in mind when it comes to publicizing the new album and tour -- and right now, an updated official Web site isn't part of the plan. It may sound unorthodox -- but then again, this is Guns N' Roses (and Axl Rose) we're talking about.

For what it's worth, "Chinese Democracy" doesn't have a release date yet, though one would imagine it could finally see the light of day this year... maybe.



I was wondering when Ashley Parker Angel's new CD is coming out. Have they set a release date for the CD?

Thank You!

Jake Elrod
Milwaukee, Wis.

Hello Jake,

Ashley Parker Angel's solo debut album, "Soundtrack To Your Life," is due out May 16 via Blackground/Universal Records.

Angel, formerly of pre-fab vocal group O-Town, recently starred in the MTV reality series "There & Back." The show chronicled his signing to the label and the process of making his "Soundtrack" album. He'll soon be seen in ... that's right, another reality TV show: NBC's "Celebrity Cooking Showdown." The network has set an April 17 premiere for the series.

The album's first single and video, "Let U Go," has already been released to U.S. radio stations and video networks. It has yet to dent any of Billboard's singles charts.

Hi Keith,

I know that Jessica Simpson has been busy with filming "Employee of the Month" and obviously her divorce from Nick Lachey, but what about her new album? I know that last year it was postponed and even the prospective single "Fired Up" was leaked, but I wondered if you knew any news of an impending album/single release.

Also there was talk of her leaving Columbia for Epic records? Any truth?

Thanks so much,

James West
Washington D.C.

Hi James,

You've got great timing. Billboard reports in its April 1 issue that Jessica Simpson did move from Columbia to Epic Records (click here to read the story). She is at work on a new studio album, which will be out later this year. Its first single should be hitting the radio airwaves soon.

Simpson's last album, 2003's "In This Skin," has sold 2.9 million units in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.