Howard Stern: Paul McCartney, Billy Joel & More Reflect on Radio's 'Coolest' Jockey

Paul McCartney and Howard Stern backstage at The Concert for New York City at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 20, 2001

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As both celebrities and listeners know, nothing's off-limits during a Howard Stern interview -- which is just one of the things musicians love about being on his radio show. Read why Paul McCartney, Lars Ulrich, Billy Joel and more of music's biggest stars enjoy their moments in Howard's hot seat, even when the man in charge crosses the line.

Howard Stern: The Billboard Cover Q&A

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Paul McCartney: "I love Howard for his truth, humor and fearlessness whenever I go on his show. He tries to find out how many times I got laid when I was in the Beatles. I find the best way to deal with him is to adopt the attitude of a slightly disapproving elder brother, as questions like that are none of his business. He still asks them and I love him for it."

Lars Ullrich, Metallica: "Howard is the coolest, hands down. You're never being interviewed by Howard, you're having a conversation with him. Two guys shooting the shit. Howard always makes his guests feel at ease and he is without a doubt the absolute best at what he does. The main reason is his authenticity. When I speak with Howard, I'm speaking with Howard; I'm not talking to a persona, or a character. He's the real deal. Both as a listener and as a subject, you never quite know where it's going next and that impulsivity and lack of agenda works for me both as a fan and as a subject."

The Business of Baba Booey: Q&A w/ Stern's Right-Hand Man

BILLY JOEL AND HOWARD STERNBilly Joel: "I became friends with Howard long before I ever did his radio show. I liked him right away and wanted to continue our personal friendship – but I procrastinated about doing his radio show for a long time since I thought there was a possibility that something totally 'Howard Stern' outrageous could happen that might endanger that friendship. Turns out I was wrong. He was completely unpredictable in a way I hadn't expected. He knew more about my music than anyone I ever worked with in the entire radio industry. The interview Howard did with me was probably the most astute and insightful interview I've done in my 50-year career."

Pat Monahan of Train: "Howard has been a big influence on me and my bandmates for 20 years. The first time we did his show, I said about three words because I was so blown away to actually be doing his show. It was nuts. Now we're friends and he's one of the greatest people I know. We're all still huge fans. He's a legend!"

Adam Levine, Maroon 5: "One of the most underrated things about Howard is what an incredible interviewer he has become over the years. I put him up there with the best of the best."


50 Cent: "Every time I go to Howard's show I have a ball. He finds a way to force me to say things I want to just say but I shouldn't. I'm trying to clean up my act goddamn it."

Robin Thicke: "Howard is the best interview I've ever experienced. Intelligent, insightful, and void of any BS! He was also one of the first people to support 'Blurred Lines' and helped make it a hit. When I performed on 'America's Got Talent,' Howard stood up and started dancing. If you can make Howard Stern dance, you know you're doing something right. Thank you, Howard, for your enormous talent, generous heart … and unforgettable dance moves!"