Living Things

After a week or so lost, the road calls again and it's approached with a new attitude.

April 9, Tempe, Ariz. (Hayden Square)

I think I needed to kinda lose myself for a week. Traveling for almost six months straight kinda f***s with your head. At times I felt I was just drifting through days without knowing. I was on autopilot across America.

So when my computer died on the day of our last show in Miami Beach, I decided to turn off the cell phone and get lost for a week. As I made my way from the Florida coast to the West Coast, I think I was able to revive my mind. Everyone scattered to their loves, as did I. So for anybody who actually reads this ramble, that's where I've been.

We all regrouped last Thursday to shoot a video clip for our new single "Bombs Below" with our favorite filmmaker, Floria Sigismondi. I can't wait to see the finished three-minute visual freakout. The location was this enchanted kingdom in Glendora, Calif. A truly spiritual place. And the vibe between everyone was great; we all felt great about the video.

By Sunday morning, as the sun was rising over the mountains of California, we began a journey to Arizona to begin our west coast portion of the headlining U.S. tour. The show felt great... it was an outside show with the stars as lights. I think we all felt good about playing again... sometimes all you need is a little breathing room and a little love.

Peace, EVE

April 11, Boulder, Col. (Fox Theatre)

Tonight we are in Colorado. I think this is one of the most beautiful states in all of the union. The mountains with the snow caps blow my mind every time I see them. We are staying at this lumberjack/mountain man hotel which is actually pretty amazing and regal.

When we were driving into town I saw a dog get killed on the freeway... about four cars must have smashed into him. It was horrifying. I've never seen life get taken away like that so quickly and brutal. I won't go into details but it sucked seeing that happen.

So this passage is dedicated to man/women's best friend. I guess I feel close to dogs because that's my Chinese sign... anyways... here is to life and the beginning spring.

Peace, EVE